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Leaf Screens

The installation of a leaf screen to gutters can be effective in reducing routine maintenance. Despite marketing efforts by several manufactures, there is no magic system which eliminates maintenance, nor is there a single product which works in every situation. Foliage, building location, roof pitch and aspect are contributing factors in determining the type of system and frequency of maintenance required. We offer several options tailored for each unique application.

Why do gutters clog?

Apart from the debris which finds its way into the gutters, the major components of any gutter system is the size of the outlet or drain. A small opening will dam with debris much quicker than a larger one. Large leaves will quickly clog any system.

What damage can be done?

Over flowing gutters can literally be carrying over a ton of water on a typical home, straining the fasteners and gradually causing them to loosen. Water damage to the structure, potential leaks into the home, rot and mildew are good reasons to maintain your gutter system.

More information on leaf screens

Here you can see more detailed information on leaf screens
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